Juniors: TigerTalk – November 2021

Welcome to another edition of TigerTalk. A few quick updates with Covid putting a bit of a dampener on the end of the regular season. Congratulations to all of our teams for another solid season (especially with rain and covid interruptions). Special congrats to our U16-GLT team, who would have been in the finals had they not been cancelled. 

Presentation Day

As you’ve probably seen from some of our recent posts, we’re having Presentation Day on Sunday 5 December, starting at 1030 with official proceedings from 1100. We’d originally picked this date on the basis of eased restrictions across NSW, although with the changed roadmap all participants aged above 16 years will need to be fully vaccinated in order to attend and participate in Presentation Day. For those that are unable to make it, we will make trophies/awards available for collection at a later date or by arrangement. 

We will continue to monitor over the next few weeks and keep everyone posted as we lock in a day and further details. All of the player trophies and medals have now been prepared by Jaco Design (one of our sponsors – and they look awesome). Jaco Design are are also finalising our team and Club awards. 

We will still draw the end of season raffles then (and sell more tickets on the day!).

We’ll use the 2021 Presentation Day Info Page to provide updates as we get closer.  


In a similar vein, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will also be held in December to enable an in person meeting – the likely date is Tuesday 12 December, 630pm. Further announcements will be made over the next few weeks, but we’d love to see more people at the AGM and voting. All positions are declared vacant during the AGM. If you’d like more details in the interim, feel free to hit us up at info@bungendoretigers.com.au (including for an explanation on the roles subject to voting – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and General Committee Member). 


Hats, beanies and scarves are available for purchase at the IGA (at the front near the registers). We also have few jackets, track pants, jumpers in a limited range of sizes (along with the hats, beanies and scarves). These can be available for contactless collection in Bungendore, email president@bungendoretigers.com.au with any requests. 

New and old range merchandise will be available for purchase during the Presentation Day. 

New Photo System Trial

In collaboration with our partners Club Mart and GeoSnapShot, we’re trialling a new game day photo system on the website before considering whether to proceed in 2022. GeoSnapShot would host all of our photos (in Australia) rather than us having to tie up storage on our webserver (which means we can upload more), it also gives a user the option to upload a photo of themselves or their child to match with photos (with reasonably good accuracy). From a Club perspective, it can also help us comply with parent/guardian requests to not post photos of certain children online, by blocking any photos that have that child’s face.  

There’s a couple of test albums on our gallery page, please give it a try and let us know what you think via president@bungendoretigers.com.au

Return of Jerseys

As a reminder, you will need to return your 2021 player jerseys for re-use in the 2022 season. Please ensure they are washed and dry for the return. We’ll be collected at Presentation Day and will mark off the returns against each player, and failure to return the jersey will incur a debt with the Club for the replacement cost. 

Sports Hub

As a member of QPRC’s “Sports Council”, we continue to engage with QPRC and other clubs about the Bungendore Sports Hub. Council has taken some of our suggestions around facilities and are continuing to work through planning. It is expected that playing surfaces will be ready for winter sports 2022.  

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any queries or suggestions.

President | Bungendore Tigers JRLFC
president@bungendoretigers.com.au or 0455 338 248

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