Juniors, as a member of Canberra Region Rugby League (CRRL) must follow processes about complaints – particularly game day complaints.


If you have a complaint about the Club, or a member of the Club, or conduct on game day (see extra details below) it must be directed IN WRITING to the Club Secretary (Secretary@bungendoretigers.com.au). Complaints not in writing WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The Secretary will treat all complaints with discretion, investigate as required, and make recommendation to the Executive Committee which will consider any disciplinary action. Complaints will not be provided directly to the respondent, however, they will be advised of the allegation and permitted a response (without prejudice). 

Complaints without basis and/or vexatious complaints may result in disciplinary action which may include suspension, season de-registration, or life bans. 

Game Day Complaints 

For complaints on a game day, you should approach the [home] Ground Manager and attempt to resolve the issue at hand (respectfully).  Only the qualified and signed on Coach (must be accompanied by the Ground Manager) or the team’s Captain may approach the Referee to discuss a concern. Disrespectful or inappropriate conduct with the Referee may result in expulsion from the grounds, and formal disciplinary proceedings. Remember – the Refs are human too!

Should the complaint not be resolved satisfactorily, you should note with them your intention to lodge a formal complaint.  As above, you should send a full, detailed account to the Club Secretary (Secretary@bungendoretigers.com.au) by 5pm on game day (as written complaints to CRRL must be received by 9am the following day, or they cannot be actioned). The Secretary will generally try and resolve the matter directly with the other Club. Only in the rarest and most grave complaints will they be referred to CRRL. Please remember Clubs are run by volunteers, who are humans, and may make mistakes on the day.