Rules, Policies, Guidelines

The updated Rules and Policies for Competition, Code of Conduct, Safeplay and more are provided on the Canberra Region Rugby League website (opens in new tab). You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the above to avoid any potential issues being created (on- and off- the field). Players and spectators can be subject to judiciary proceedings for serious infractions – which may include penalties up to life bans. 


The Juniors’ Club Constitution is being updated.

Playing Up Forms

If a player wants to play in a higher age group (e.g. a player that should be playing in U12’s playing in U13’s) then the parent or guardian need to read and sign the NSWRL Community Rugby Leagues Association “PLAYING IN HIGHER AGE GROUP CONSENT FORM” (available here). Please note, there are different forms for Tackle Players to League Tag players). Please note, approval should not be assumed. The Club (or League) may deny the request if it does not believe the player has the required capacity. Our Club is unlikely to approve any requests for playing two years up, noting there are additional requirements for any such requests (and play cannot occur prior to approvals). 

A Club representative will ensure that the parent/guardian and the player are aware of the increased physical and mental risks from playing in a higher age group. The Club Coach (along with the relevant age coach) will assess the players abilities to be able to play in the higher age group before considering for approval. The Club representative will only provide the signed approval after the following steps have been met:

  1. Parents/guardian should read and complete the Playing in a Higher Age Group Consent Form
  2. An explanation of the increased risks by the Club representative to the parents/guardian and player
  3. A Senior Club representative (and team coach) will assess the player’s capacity for higher age group play
  4. Parents/guardian should sign the form (if not already done)
  5. If all the above steps are completed, the Club representative will approve the form and submit into CRRL and Registrar for entry into the registration system
Important Note: As of 2023, there are additional restrictions in some age groups. For example an U6 player cannot move into U7/U8 where they have not completed the Tackle Ready program already (which cannot be completed outside of the regular season gameplay anyway). Similarly, now that the Player Development Framework has been introduced, players playing in development age groups (previously aka non-competitive) are unlikely to receive CRRL approvals to play in a higher age group.