• It’s easy to register to play for the Bungendore Tigers. Simply click here (opens in new tab) to go to the MySideline page and click on the Junior or Senior club as required. 

If you need assistance with the registration process:

  • Watch this video MySideline – Register (opens in new tab) which explains how to use the new system 
  • For Juniors queries – email the Registrar via info@bungendoretigers.com.au
  • For Seniors queries – use the contact form and we’ll forward it on to them 

We offer registration fees in stages to encourage early registrations. For the 2024 season the fees are set at:

  1. Early Bird – From registration open in  early December 2023 through to just after registration day (mid-February) – $100
  2. Regular rate – $150 (mid-February through early-March)
  3. Late rate – $200 (early-March until registrations close, usually in June)

If you are having difficulty paying, please don’t delay registering – get in touch to discuss your circumstances (info@bungendoretigers.com.au) – we are committed to finding ways children can play!


If you already have a MySideline account (i.e. registered in any previous year 2020 and beyond), please use the same account. If you need to update the email, contact us for assistance. 

If you were on the OLD system, then no, you will need to register to use the new MySideline. For previous players, ensure that details are entered exactly as they were in the old system to allow for previous details to be imported automatically.

Yes, follow the registration process and then click the ‘Add a registration’ button. This can be used for multiple children, or if you need to register as a trainer and coach, for example.

The age group is automatically chosen based on the player’s birth date. If they are wanting  (and eligible) to play up a grade, please contact the Registrar to amend after completing the registration. For Munchkins that want to Play in U6, you also need to select the “purchase an additional item” option to adjust their registration fees

For Juniors, there may be a discount on the third non-Munchkins child (and each child thereafter) in the same immediate family. Please email us at info@bungendoretigers.com.au (or via Facebook/Instagram) for a discount code you can use in your registration (only valid for the email address being used)

Just copy and paste the voucher number into the registration screen when it asks for ‘coupons’. If you forgot to use it, email us at info@bungendoretigers.com.au and we can work out a manual claim and refund (though this is less preferred). 

CRRL are aware that some people’s accreditations are still not showing in MySideline. 

If this is the case, log a support ticket (yourself) on MySideline support. You will likely need to provide evidence of any training/course attendance .

If you try to register and have forgotten your password it will give you the option to get an email sent to you for a link.  When you put your email address in it may not send you the email, in this case you will need to speak to us or Support for more assistance. 

As per Service NSW’s conditions (excerpt below), once you redeem an ActiveKids voucher with the provider, you are not entitled to any refund of it (or equivalent value). If you are transferring to another accredited provider the Club may (at its sole discretion) transfer the value directly to that provider.

  1. once a Voucher has been collected by the Registered Provider, the parent, guardian, carer or Eligible Child is not entitled to a refund of the membership and/or participation fee equivalent to the Voucher amount;
  2. where a Registered Provider redeems a Voucher and the Eligible Child requests a transfer to another Registered Provider, then it is the decision of the Registered Provider whether to transfer the Voucher amount to the new Registered Provider; and
  3. where the Registered Provider agrees to a transfer of the redeemed Voucher amount, you are not entitled to a refund of or any part of the Voucher amount if the membership and/or participation are less than the Voucher amount, and you will be required to pay any difference in the membership and/or participation fees of the new Registered Provider, if the redeemed Voucher amount being transferred is less than the membership and/or participation fees of the new Registered Provider.