Juniors: It’s #RESPECT round

In 2023, the NSWRL #RESPECT program will focus on developing and implementing positive cultures within community rugby league clubs. It’s #RESPECT round this weekend (6/7 May 2023).

The theme this year is OUR CLUB, OUR PEOPLE, OUR CULTURE.

Although it’s great to get excited on game day, it’s essential to remember that it’s kid’s sport – and everyone needs to show positive behaviour and respect.

🏈It’s only calling positive encouragement from the sidelines, or remaining silent
🏈It’s about calling out any bad behaviour and putting it to a stop
🏈It’s remembering that the opposition are just kids too – be supportive, not critical
🏈It’s remembering that almost everyone in Junior rugby league is a volunteer
🏈It’s letting the Coaches and game day officials do their jobs – don’t abuse them
🏈It’s remembering that the referees are human and may sometimes make mistakes too
🏈It’s about educating yourself on the rules and policies, this is not the NRL, some things are different